Xolve is an advanced materials company that is developing and preparing to commercialize proprietary graphene-loaded polymers for use in the advanced composites and plastics industries. Xolve's key differentiator in this space is their ability to disperse high-quality ("pristine") graphene into the customer's resin and thereby provide customers with a customized "drop-in" master batch resin. This enables graphene incorporation into products without costly and complex manufacturing process changes.

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Extend Manufacturing LLC

Extend Manufacturing LLC (EXM), located in Weston, WI, manufactures three unique product lines. Their lines are TMX®, a towable mini-excavator; TPX, a towable scissor lift; and ProHandler®, the first utility handler that can eliminate the need of skid steers for most projects. The internationally patented ProHandler® is currently in the prototype stage and ready for market soon.

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Innovative Equipment

Innovative Equipment is disrupting the construction equipment industry by exclusively offering towable products and eliminating the cost and inconvenience of trailers. The TMX mini-excavator features a quick-on and quick-off hitch system that does not require a trailer. This new line of TMX Towable Mini-Excavators units can be hooked behind a standard 1/2-ton pick-up, van or light-duty tow vehicle. Another product is the TPX Scissor Lift. It is a 2,390-lb. zero turn, towable/drivable scissor lift that features auto-leveling and both slab and rough-terrain capabilities.

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Spectrom is the color 3D printing pioneers. They have used engineering and analytical research to create the first true full color FDM 3D printer that can sit on your desktop. Their technology allows for a three-fold vision of full color, unparalleled customizability and seamless integration.

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