CW Technologies (CWT) is an angel investment advisor and member of Wisconsin Investment Partners .CWT works with business incubators, angel investment groups, and venture capital firms to support successful development of entrepreneurial companies.

Due diligence, research, development planning and strategic risk management services are provided by CWT for development projects in the United States and abroad. CWT facilitates the formation of strategic alliances to reduce investment risk. CWT resources and services are offered by CWT and through its network of contacts with marketing, CPA and law firms.

CWT selects for investment the high-tech companies with a disruptive technology. Selected companies are drawn from the hundreds of companies that present to Wisconsin angel groups or at the annual Wisconsin Early-Stage Symposiums and Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference .

Many firms are not ready for investment and cannot afford professional services. CWT is a member of MERLIN Mentors that provides FREE services to help entrepreneurs get started. 100 State is another way to find a place of entry.