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Redox is the modern API for healthcare integration. Redox’s goal is to lower technical barriers to healthcare IT entrepreneurship by making it ten times easier to share data with electronic health records. They provide an RESTful API to help applications share data with almost any EHR vendor at any health system.

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Forward Health Group

Forward Health Group is a health care IT company founded in 2009 and based in Madison. Using their "Population Manager" platform, FHG harvests fragmented clinical and administrative health care data, stored in multiple and different IT platforms (many EPIC installed systems), and turns it into actionable information that can be used by physicians, administrators, and other subscribers to drive improved quality and lower costs in healthcare.

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BioTechnique is a division of PSC, an industry leader in validation, compliance, and calibration services that also delivers in-depth investment consulting and quality and inspection management software solutions for the biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries. PSC is a catalyst for helping life science companies to achieve their potential. BioTechnique is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) responding to the needs of the industry for cytotoxic and high potency sterile injectable fill and finish capabilities. BioTechnique can fill and finish a variety of sterile product formulations for both liquid and lyophilized products.

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Madison Vaccines, Inc.

Madison Vaccines, Inc. (MVI): is a therapeutic vaccine development company. It is focused on treatments for early intervention in prostate cancer. In the US, there are 240,000 new cases of prostate cancer annually, 80,000 recurrences and 30,000 deaths. MVI has three assets: two vaccines and a companion diagnostic test. The vaccines will be targeted to patients who have been treated by surgery or radiation, and whose PSA levels begin to rise again indicating that cancer cells are still present.

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Cellectar, Inc

Cellectar, Inc closed a reverse merger with the publicly-owned Novelos Therapeutics , Inc. (NVLT) (Press Release April 11, 2011) and will assume the Novelos name. Headquarters will remain in Madison, WI. Novelos will continue to develop Cellectar’s three novel cancer-targeted compounds – designated HOT, COLD and LIGHT – which are selectively taken up and retained in cancer cells, including cancer stem cells.

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Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics’ advanced imaging platform, which works with almost any smart phone, will tell you whether you need to worry about your mole and the risk of melanoma. Simply capture an image on your smartphone using the dermoscopic attachment, and get immediate results and a report.

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FluGen is dedicated to preventing serious illness in humans by developing the most effective vaccine in the world against all forms of the deadly influenza virus. Based in Madison, Wisconsin and founded, staffed and supported by some of the world’s top scientists, FluGen has developed REDEE FLU™, an influenza vaccine that is scheduled to enter human trials in 2016.

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SHINE Medical Technologies

SHINE Medical Technologies is dedicated to being the world leader in safe, clean, affordable production of medical tracers and cancer treatment elements. At SHINE, our highest priority is delivering a highly reliable, high-quality supply of the medical ingredients required by nearly 100,000 patients each day—ingredients which are the backbone of over thirty medical procedures primarily used to detect and treat heart disease and cancer. By working around the clock, our goal is to ensure that medical tracers are there when patients need them most.

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NeoClone, LLC excels in the production of monoclonal antibodies. Using its proprietary retroviral proach in the development process, NeoClone can produce high affinity antibodies in significantly less time and at a dramatically lower cost than the rest of the industry. NeoClone is currently servicing the reagent and diagnostic markets and is enhancing its proprietary process to provide services to the therapeutic market.

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Invenra has invented and developed a new screening platform PureProPep (P3) that enables unprecedented discovery opportunities in this space. The P3 Technology enables scientists to create and screen large, high-value, libraries against the cell-based phenotype assays preferred by pharmaceutical companies.

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Kiio is a Wisconsin-based technology business focused on the design, development, manufacture and distribution of objective measurement and tracking devices for the rehabilitation and physical therapy market. Kiio has created a rehabilitative hardware device (the kiio™) which accurately measures applied force and timing during assessment and therapeutic exercises. kiio is highly portable (the size of your fist) and interfaces wirelessly with software (kiio FLEX™) enabling Physical Therapists (PT) to assess patients and track their exercise regimens.

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Stemina Biomarker Discovery is a metabolomics company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of molecular biomarkers to improve drug safety and human health. Stemina’s cell based assays arise from the strategic convergence of two cutting edge technologies: human embryonic stem (hES) cells and metabolomics. Stemina uses mass spectrometry to analyze the small molecules secreted by hES cells, and differentiated cells such as heart and neural cells made from hES cells, in response to drugs, injury or disease. Stemina opened its state-of-the-art facilities for hES cell culture and mass spectrometry in the UW Research Park in Madison Wisconsin on November 1, 2007.

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Swallow Solutions

Swallow Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of the health and quality of life for patients with swallowing disorders. The MOST® device is FDA registered and approved for sale. It is currently being used in a multi-site, randomized clinical trial, which is the gold standard in evidence-based practice.

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Health eFilings

Health eFilings provides integrated software solutions for the healthcare industry to support providers needs to comply with quality reporting requirements such as Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) required by Medicare.

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Digital Intern

Digital Intern founded by Joshua Medow, MD, reduces healthcare costs and increases efficiency through their products. Digital Intern, the first of several applications, manages the care of organ donors, increases the number of organs successfully donated per donor and cuts costs by decreasing physician billing. The product algorithms are currently being used at the UW Hospital and have resulted in statistically significant increase in organs donated per donor as well as a decrease in the hours billed by critical care physicians caring for organ donors.

Madison Healthcare Technologies LLC

Madison Healthcare Technologies LLC formed a relationship with developers of ExactCost™, an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) solution with analytic applications which provide the required information. By leveraging data from existing healthcare IT systems, the features enable the assessment of the true cost of a process at a task and activity level including labor, supplies, materials, equipment and overhead. The duration and cost of healthcare services is revealed by providing step by step cost management. The solution enables the evaluation of services including staff (professional, clinical, non-clinical, administrative, and support), durations/time, consumables, devices, and facilities. And, it allows for the understanding of information from multiple perspectives like patient/population, duration/time, facility, device, physician, and process.