Phoenix Nuclear Labs

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has developed a proprietary particle accelerator-driven nuclear fusion technology that has applications ranging from medicine to national defense. Currently focused on developing near-term applications of nuclear technology in an effort to advance towards clean and abundant nuclear fusion power, SHINE (another WIP portfolio company) will be a large client for PNL.

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Silatronix™ is commercializing a new class of patented materials based on organosilicon (OS) compounds for use in energy storage devices, especially electrolytes for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Silatronix's compounds offer cell manufacturers the ability to create batteries that are safer (current generation Li-ion batteries readily combust - see recent Boeing 787 and Tesla battery fires), offer higher capacity (17-32% energy increase from increasing charge voltage from 4.2V to 4.4V or 4.6V), and a larger number of cycle lives before battery performance begins to degrade. Silatronix's OS material can be used in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, and in military applications.

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