BrainsGate LTD.

BrainsGate, an Israel-based company, was in need of collaborators for clinical trials of an implantable medical device for use in drug delivery to the central nervous system. After having conducted preliminary studies in animals, BrainsGate was ready to pursue human trials for the device, a general and widely adaptable platform for drug delivery to the brain. CWT helped partner BrainsGate with Wisconsin physician researchers interested in pursuing trials and facilitated negotiation over details of the collaboration and research protocol.

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Big Mouth Local’s leadership is passionate about helping SMBs overcome competitive challenges to survive in today’s struggling economy. To do so, BML’s vision is very clear—provide low-cost digital solutions to SMB clients through newspaper and media-group partnerships, which create an Internet presence for those clients, effectively advertise and promote their products and services, and assist them with retaining their clients. To achieve that goal, BML offers high-quality but low-cost advertising solutions, search-engine optimization (SEO), search-engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO), reputation management and website design and development. Revitalizing the economy through worldwide corporate sponsorships, global partnerships and invincible relationships, BML is deeply—and personally—committed to optimizing small- and medium-sized businesses, one city at a time, with its media partners.

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Cognifit uses cutting edge research in learning and memory to create "mind fitness solutions"--computer programs that exercise basic mental processes and keep the brain functioning optimally. A key application of Cognifit's technology is Mindfit™, a solution designed to stimulate short term memory, attention, visual perception and other key functions. Just as physical exercise can slow the physical symptoms of aging, mental exercise can ensure that the mind stays fit in later life. Mindfit™ presents a unique new way to improve quality of life for older adults and help slow the progression neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia. CWT is currently exploring options to help bring this technology to Wisconsin seniors.

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Gene Vector Technologies LTD

Gene Vector Technologies (GVT) core technology is a new platform for gene therapy. Many current approaches rely on the use of active viruses to deliver therapeutic genetic material. However, as with live-virus vaccines, this therapeutic use of viruses risks serious side-effects in a small number of the patients treated. Instead of using 'live' viruses to deliver genetic materials, GVT's technology represents a change of paradigm. Instead of using a live virus or potentially toxic chemical treatment, GVT uses only a small set of viral proteins to assemble its delivery vector. The result is a lab-manufactured pseudo-virus made from controlled compounds that can deliver genes into the body while avoiding hazards of an active virus. CWT is currently investigating collaborations on GVT technology.


Hopster provides printable coupons on favorite household brands and allows the consumer to customize their experience. Using social influence, brand sharing and engagement, and purchase oyalty, the consumer can save more on everyday purchases, while providing the brand with valuable marketing data at the same time.

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NeoClone, LLC

NeoClone, LLC excels in the production of monoclonal antibodies. Using its proprietary retroviral proach in the development process, NeoClone can produce high affinity antibodies in significantly less time and at a dramatically lower cost than the rest of the industry. NeoClone is currently servicing the reagent and diagnostic markets and is enhancing its proprietary process to provide services to the therapeutic market.

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Invenra has invented and developed a new screening platform PureProPep (P3) that enables unprecedented discovery opportunities in this space. The P3 Technology enables scientists to create and screen large, high-value, libraries against the cell-based phenotype assays preferred by pharmaceutical companies.

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Kayo is a Wisconsin-based technology business focused on the design, development, manufacture and distribution of objective measurement and tracking devices for the rehabilitation and physical therapy market. Kayo has created a rehabilitative hardware device (the kiio™) which accurately measures applied force and timing during assessment and therapeutic exercises. kiio is highly portable (the size of your fist) and interfaces wirelessly with software (kiio FLEX™) enabling Physical Therapists (PT) to assess patients and track their exercise regimens.

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OptiMine solves the complex daily pricing (i.e., bidding) challenges facing digital advertisers across multiple channels. OptiMine employs its proprietary predictive analytics at the “atomic” (individual bid) evel to automatically set the best bids to generate superior financial results for advertisers.

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Snowshoe has developed a simple, inexpensive, patent-pending stamp that works on all smartphones and is used for customer loyalty programs in place of the traditional punch card.

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Stemina Biomarker Discovery

Stemina Biomarker Discovery is a metabolomics company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of molecular biomarkers to improve drug safety and human health. Stemina’s cell based assays arise from the strategic convergence of two cutting edge technologies: human embryonic stem (hES) cells and metabolomics. Stemina uses mass spectrometry to analyze the small molecules secreted by hES cells, and differentiated cells such as heart and neural cells made from hES cells, in response to drugs, injury or disease. Stemina opened its state-of-the-art facilities for hES cell culture and mass spectrometry in the UW Research Park in Madison Wisconsin on November 1, 2007.

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Swallow Solutions

Swallow Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of the health and quality of life for patients with  swallowing disorders. Their  MOST® device is FDA registered and approved for sale. It is currently  being used in a multi-site, randomized clinical trial.

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